Al Hussein Fund for Excellence
Mr. Ihab Ghazi Saadi

Mr. Ihab Saadi has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer for The Housing Bank in Jordan in November 2013. He obtained his MBA in Financial Management in 1990 and the Certified Public Accountant (CPA)in 1991.

Mr. Saadi worked for Grant Thornton, Chicago, USA in 1990 and later continued to assume positions in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking at Arthur Andersen in Amman and Dubai.
Mr. Saadi joined HBTF in 2001 as the Executive Manager of the Corporate Finance Division. After leaving the position in 2008, Mr. Saadi rejoined the Bank in 2013 as Assistant General Manager for Corporate and Investment Banking. Given Mr. Saadi’s extensive experience in banking, he was promoted in 2015 to Chief Banking Officer before occupying the position of Acting General Manager in November 2015 and later being confirmed as General Manager on 21 April 2016.

In addition to his membership in HBTF Board Committees, Mr. Saadi is the Chairman of many companies and associations, such as: Jordan International Bank / London, Specialized Leasing Co. / Jordan, International Bank for Trade and Finance / Syria,
and The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance / Algeria. He is also a board member for many companies in Jordan and abroad.